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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Special Offers and Updates from RediHEAT

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Today's Tip - Top FAQs on Our Quality Delivery Bags

Can I add a logo to the bag??

You can add a logo to your delivery bag!  The minimum order on 1-color screening 12 units total. For more than 1-color, the minimum order is 24 units.  All logos require a 2 week lead time.  For all logo orders, prepayment is required.

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Special Offer Heated Mini-Cube Delivery Bags
16" 2 Pie, Red
Heated Pizza Delivery Bag 
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Black Heated Cube Bag
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Introducing the New Cube-Heated Food Delivery Bag

Over the years, RediHEAT has continued to respond to market trends by offering heated delivery bags in various shapes and sizes. We are now proud to announce that we now offer a new size. We developed this new size because of a customer request for a product that could easily deliver warm cookies. This lead to the creation of the mini-heated food delivery bag.

The bag is cube shaped and is designed for all types of food delivery. Its small size and superior heat retention make it ideal for small and unique food. RediHEAT still offers a 24-month warranty on the heating element with full confidence and little risk.

The message that we are trying to send to customers is that if they have a specific need for something unique that they want delivered hot to their customer’s door, we can design a solution. The mini-heated food delivery bag is made with the same quality materials as our other products.

Customers can still expect a heavy duty insulated bag made with the finest materials as well as a USA made polymer plate that heats up quickly when plugged in and maintains its temperature for up to 45 minutes.

If you are interested in the mini-heated food delivery bag or if you have unique product request please visit us at  for more information!