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Monday, May 27, 2013

RediHEAT NRA Press Release

Dave Breen, President
RediHEAT, Inc

CHICAGO, Illinois, May 18, 2013 – RediHEAT, Inc, manufacturer of durable and the most cost-effective heated food-delivery bags, is now making custom size heated delivery bags, for all types of unique size food containers.

The Cleveland company sells insulated bags with an integrated heating element to keep pizza and other delivered foods hot to the customer's door.  Restaurants that utilize unique-sized containers will now be able to have that food delivered hot.  According to Dave Breen, President of RediHEAT, “Our sewing operation based in Cleveland has the ability to sew almost any bag size imaginable.”

Breen also stated that “RediHEAT’s engineering team will work with you on developing delivery solutions to fit your specific needs. Each bag comes with our quality guarantee. We have both electrical and material experts able to design a product just for you.  No matter what you are delivering, RediHEAT will make sure your food always arrives hot.”

For delivery-based restaurants, a customer whose food arrives cold is likely to be a customer lost forever. And in the age of social media, one disgruntled customer’s complaint can spread over the Internet and influence dozens, hundreds or thousands of other potential customers. So RediHEAT offers a high-value solution that becomes a better investment with every satisfied diner’s repeat order.

Its heavy-duty insulated bags include a USA-made polymer plate that heats up quickly when plugged in and will keep pizza hot for up to 40 minutes. The plate remains inside the bag during use, but easily slides out so that the bags can be cleaned.  Custom quote requests are available at

About RediHEAT, Inc
Founded in 2003, RediHEAT is a Cleveland-based manufacturer of quality heated food and pizza delivery bags for restaurant and catering companies.  Each thermal delivery bag includes the company’s patented electric heating element which ensures your food will always be delivered hot.  RediHEAT’s delivery systems have been sold in over 30 countries on six continents.  All of our heated delivery bags are made with pride in the USA.