RediHEAT Product Information

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Custom Logos Available for All Heated Bags

The ability to add a quality custom logo to your delivery bag is what sets us apart from our competitors.  For an additional investment, your delivery bags will be an additional marketing message at your customer's front door.

You can add a logo to your delivery system! We will do single color silk screening with provided vector or eps art. The minimum order on 1 color silk screening is 12 items. For more than 1 color, the minimum order is 24 items. Logo pricing starts at an additional $5.00 per bag for 2 pie systems and an additional $10.00 per bag for all other sizes.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

RediHEAT Extends Its Warranty On Its Patented Heater

CLEVELAND, Ohio, November 11, 2012 – RediHEAT, Inc., maker of the world's best and most cost-effective heated food-delivery bags, now offers the industry's best warranty to support them.

The Cleveland company has doubled its warranty to two years on the heating element within its insulated bags, which keep pizza and other delivered foods hot to the customer's door, RediHEAT President Dave Breen announced Monday. That warranty life is twice as long as the company’s competitors.

RediHEAT can offer the 24-month warranty with full confidence and little risk because the heating elements simply do not fail, Breen said.

“The message we’re sending to pizzerias and other delivery-based restaurants is that you can count on our products,” Breen said. “I have never had a warranty return.”

For delivery-based restaurants, a customer whose food arrives cold is likely to be a customer lost forever. And in the age of social media, one disgruntled customer’s complaint can spread over the Internet and influence dozens, hundreds or thousands of other potential customers. So RediHEAT offers a high-value solution that becomes a better investment with every satisfied diner’s repeat order.

Its heavy-duty insulated bags include a USA-made polymer plate that heats up quickly when plugged in and maintains its temperature for up to 45 minutes. The plate remains inside the bags during use, but easily slides right out so that the bags can be laundered.

RediHEAT’s product lineup includes two-pie, five-pie and 10-pie pizza bags, plus a 1.8-cubic-foot food-delivery bag with an internal wire rack – ideal for catering uses. The bags can be customized with a restaurant’s or caterer’s logo. And every bag and heating core is manufactured in Cleveland.

The heating element offers rock-solid reliability because it’s based on simple but space-aged technology, Breen said. At its core are a series of high-tech ceramic discs, called PTC chips, that get hot under a low-wattage electrical load. The chips eliminate the need for fragile resistance-heat coils. They physically cannot overheat beyond their designed temperature limit, so the heating elements need none of the unreliable thermostats or fuses that make other delivery-bag heating elements prone to failure. And the RediHEAT bags need no expensive magnetic-induction surface to heat the internal element. The core simply plugs in.

PTC chips are widely used in immersion heaters and industrial applications, and are renowned for their durability, reliability and safety. RediHEAT partnered with two Cleveland-area firms – CWP Technologies and Quantalutions  -- to research and develop the food-delivery-bag application, Breen said.