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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Heated Food & Pizza Bags Most Popular FAQs, Part IV

The system is simple: A strong, thin plate, acting as a thermal storage device, is secure inside a durable, insulated thermal bag. The element is connected to standard 120V power, and it heats up to 180F in a few minutes. Food is kept warm inside the bag, and when the driver is ready to go, the power cord is disconnected and left behind. The heat stored in the solid element is given up very slowly, allowing food to be delivered hot for up to 45 minutes.

Answers to frequently asked questions about RediHEAT are found below. If your question is not listed please contact us for information at 888-556-2024. 


Is there any safety issue when the heating element stops working
When the element reaches the end of its life, it will fail in the mode of not heating up.

Will I burn my hand inside the bag?
We recommend that the only thing you put inside the bag is pizza. Human touch is more sensitive to heat felt on a conductor, like aluminum, than to heat felt on an insulator like wood, or the material that the heating element is constructed from. Additionally, there is a layer of nylon over the heating element. Use caution and commonsense.

Product Life, Warranty, Replacement Parts

Does the system have a warranty?
Yes, RediHEAT provides a 24 month warranty on the heating element.

Do I buy the warranty?
No, the warranty is no cost.

Will the heating element plate break if I drop it? 
It is a rugged, durable composite, and will withstand reasonable wear and tear. It had to pass a drop test and an impact test for UL197, which included a 1.15 Lb. steel ball, 2 inches in diameter, dropped onto the plate from 55 inches height.

Are replacement heating elements, bags, and cords available?
Yes, replacement components are available from stock at a cost that is less than an entirely new system.

Ordering and AvailabilityWhere can I buy RediHEAT systems?
Buy them direct from the manufacturer - on the Internet at or by calling toll free 888-556-2024.

My chain of stores buy together as one buying group?
Yes, please call 888-556-2024 for more information, or email RediHEAT at

How can I pay for my order?
Visa or Mastercharge on the e-commerce site. Corporate purchase orders accepted (30 days net, credit approval and minimum order quantity of 100 units); please call 888-556-2024 for more information and application.

How does the product ship?
From stock, via UPS Ground. Some products may take longer to ship out depending on availability.

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