RediHEAT Product Information

Sunday, October 25, 2015

RediHEAT Delivery Bags

Founded in 2003, RediHEAT is a manufacturer of durable, and cost-effective heated food-delivery bags, designed for restaurants and catering companies. We are a Cleveland-based company that sells these insulated bags with an integrated heating element to keep pizza and other delivered foods hot to the customer’s door. RediHEAT offers a safe cost effective way to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Each bag comes with our quality guarantee. Our heavy-duty insulated bags include a polymer plate that heats up quickly when plugged in and will keep pizza hot for up to 40 minutes. The plate remains inside the bag during use, but easily slides out so that bags can be cleaned.

All of our heated delivery bags our made with pride in the USA.  Our delivery systems have been sold in over 30 countries on six continents.

No matter what you are delivering, RediHEAT will make sure your food always arrives hot.  Whether you are delivering one meal or over 100, you can count on RediHEAT’s quality designed product line-up to meet your high standards, because some like it HOT!