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Sunday, February 17, 2013

How-To Videos On All Heated Bags are Now Live

We have created special videos that show exactly how we designed our 2, 5 & 10-Pie Heated Delivery Bags.  These videos show our patented heater in each bag.  View this video at your own convenience without being bothered by one of our distinguished sales associates.

In addition to the video we made for our pizza delivery bag, we also produced a video on our heated food delivery bags.  Our food delivery bags are quickly becoming our most popular bag in our entire line up.  Meals on Wheels programs are beginning to see the value of heated delivery systems.

Visit us at and see for yourself what a heated delivery bag can do for your operation today.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Heated Food & Pizza Bags Most Popular FAQs

RediHEAT Celebrates 10 years of Delivering Hot Food.

Heated delivery is not new, and while other systems have faded away, RediHEAT remains strong after 10 years.

The system is simple: A strong, thin plate, acting as a thermal storage device, is secure inside a durable, insulated thermal bag. The element is connected to standard 120V power, and it heats up to 180F in a few minutes. Food is kept warm inside the bag, and when the driver is ready to go, the power cord is disconnected and left behind. The heat stored in the solid element is given up very slowly, allowing food to be delivered hot for up to 45 minutes.

Answers to frequently asked questions about RediHEAT are found below. If your question is not listed please contact us for information at 888-556-2024. 


What value does RediHEAT provide my food service delivery operation? 
  • Brings confidence that your food will arrive at a remote location as if delivered fresh from the oven.
  • Acts as a holding oven between baking and delivery, saving equipment cost.
  • Allows a safety net for inexperienced drivers, eliminating potential lost business. 
  • Expands delivery territories, increasing profitability of operations.
  • Increase brand awareness at off-site events when using a logo product.

Who manufacturers the RediHEAT system?
RediHEAT has partnered with CWP Technologies of Cleveland, Ohio is a division of The Scott Fetzer Company. In business since 1937, CWP is engaged in industrial-scale sewing, and has been manufacturing heated pizza bags since 2003.

Why is RediHEAT less expensive than other heated delivery systems?
Because, from the start, RediHEAT balanced the needs of the customer with cost. Simplicity of design eliminated unnecessary components and their cost.

How many RediHEAT units do I need to run my operation?
You will know best. Use them just like you would ordinary insulated bags. How many bags are you using today? You can always add more as business grows. Keep in mind that each driver may well be using 2-3 bags per 15-45 minute drive. RediHEAT also offers 5-pie and 10-pie systems to fit your different needs.

Do the RediHEAT units need to be arranged in any specific way?
Arrange them in a manner that best fits with your operation's layout, work flow, and driver capacity. For best performance, keep the flaps closed, the unit plugged in even when empty, and do not stack bags on top of each other while powered.

What do I plug these units into to power them?
RediHEAT units run off normal 120V, 208V, or 240V AC power, found in any ordinary wall outlet. Plug them in directly or use the appropriate power strips. No power transformers, filters, or other peripheral equipment is required. If using power strips, RediHEAT recommends no more than 6 units on a 15 amp outlet or 8 units on a 20 amp outlet. Plugs for appropriate voltages available for markets outside of the United States.

How long does the system take to heat up?
Initial cold start requires 8-12 minutes to reach maximum temperature. For the remainder of the day, the element retains residual heat and is back to delivery temperature in about 6 minutes.

Is there an indicator when the unit reaches delivery temperature?
No, this would be a feature that adds significant cost to the product, but has limited utility. Again, this product is fully heated and ready to use within minutes; after it reaches temperature, the solid-state heating element holds it steady, waiting for use.

How many amps does each heater draw?
Each heater draws 1 to 2.00 Amps. Use caution not to overload 15 or 20 amp circuits.

Can I leave the units plugged in all the time?
You will get the more productivity from RediHEAT units if you keep them plugged in during operations. They will always ready to go, and you can keep pizza piping hot inside them even if a driver is not immediately ready. These bags should be unplugged and turned off with the end of operations each day.

How much does it cost to power these units?
5 cents per day per unit, as determined in testing using $0.053/KWH as energy cost. Each unit will use less then 1 KWH per day if it is never unplugged during the course of that day.

When should I put pizza into the bag?
As soon as it is boxed. When still plugged in, the bags act as your holding oven until disconnected for delivery.

What temperature will the pizza stay at inside the bag when plugged in?
The heating element maintains 180°F . The answer also depends on what temperature the pizza is when it is put into the bag.

What temperature will the pizza stay at after unit is disconnected for delivery? 
Within 10 degrees of its power disconnect temperature for 45 minutes.