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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Adding Logos to Your Delivery Bag!

Check out a small sample of the logos we done over the years.  1-Color or multi-color logos, we have done it all!!

Adding a logo to your delivery bag is another excellent marketing opportunity for your company.  Most delivery bags sold are plain without any logos.  Another way to make an impression on your customers is to add your name to the bag.  We have a very low minimum order, only 12 units, to add the logo to the bag.  The 12 bag order is limited to a 1-color logo.  If your logo has more than one color, our minimum increases to 24 bags.  This a great way to refresh your delivery business, see the link below to find out more.  #madeinusa

Sunday, February 1, 2015

5Pie Bag keeps Pizza Hot at School Events

I received two calls last week from different schools with the same problem...."Our pizza at the basketball game is always cold, can you help?  

Yes we can.  

Every year, particularly in the Fall, we sell our 5Pie bag to high schools, high school boosters and parent organizations who are selling pizza to raise funds for their school.  So many pizzerias are great at providing discounted pizza to support their local communities, but what happens if that pizza is not sold immediately?  It becomes cold.  

We sell two different bags that help solve this problem our 5 or 10Pie bag.   We usually recommend the 5Pie bag.  It works great as a holding oven during games or events.  Our 10Pie bag is great, but it is most effective when transporting pizza from point A to point B, not as a holding oven at games for events.

Our 5Pie bag comes with a heater on the bottom of each bag.  When plugged in, that heater will stay stay at 180 degrees.  Just remember to pull the boxes from the bottom.  If any of the pizzas have lost a temperature, they will soon become hot again as they get closer and closer to the bottom of the bag

Each system includes a quality thermal bag, heater, cord, and an internal wire rack for stability. All of RediHEAT's heaters are A/C and are designed to be plugged into a wall outlet prior to delivery.

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