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Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Special Offers Update

Top Selling 16" 2Pie Heated Bag
2-Pie Heated 
This is our top selling bag made from 1000D nylon. Each unit comes with our patented heater and cord. This bag will keep pizza hot for 40 minutes! Our system is easy to use, and comes with a 2-year warranty.

    Only $104.95       

All New - Mini-Cube Heated Food Bag!!
Heat Cube 
This is the complete heated food delivery system which includes the bag, heating element, and cord. This bag measures 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches x 11 inches high. 
This bag is currently available in black.

    Only $169.00       

         5-Pie Heated Delivery Bag          
Use our 5-Pie carrier for all your sporting events. It is also perfect for large catering orders orders. This versatile bag is made from 1000D nylon and comes with our patented heater & cord, and a internal metal wire frame for the added stability.
Available in Two Sizes
Designed For 16 or 18-Inch Pizzas!!

    From $169.00       


Thermal Delivery Bag -- No Heater

Our Insulated Delivery Bag features a strong and reliable shoulder strap for easy use. This bag measures 16"x14"x10".
Available In Black or Red
 Only $29.95


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Monday, October 7, 2013

RediHEAT Bags Have Always Been Sewn in the USA!!

I read with great interest the article that appeared in last week's New York Times.   The article's link is below:

This article references sewing work that is beginning to return to the US.  The US consumer is starting to wise up to the conditions of sewing in light of the 1,000 + dead in a Bangladesh sewing operation.  In addition, the long lead times and quality gaps have US sewing operators starting to hire.  The US factories are more automated which has driven down the labor cost in the US.

When I first became involved with RediHEAT in 2009, I was pounded by suppliers who could do our sewing in China and save our company money.  I was visited by at least 50 sourcing agents at our booth a various trades shows.  Several agents even mocked me for making such a poor decision by not sourcing our goods overseas, and I heard comments that our demise was inevitable.  

While the promise of cheap labor is appealing, we never have moved our sewing outside of Cleveland, OH.  The driving force was volume and stubbornness.   While our volume has increase every year for the last four years, we have resisted the move to offshore our sewing. Our profit margins would have definitely increased by moving our work to China.  

This article highlights the movement of bringing manufacturing back to the US.  While overall number of jobs will never return, it is a great lesson on how innovative manufacturers can support a business model that long ago left for Asia.

Many folks throw around the slogan "made in the USA", but most consumers do not practice this in real life.  A simple walk down any isle at Walmart or Target will prove this point.  The consumers have spoken and Walmart and Target have answered.  

RediHEAT, is a small niche sewing company that sells a specialty product.  It has been difficult to run our business knowing that profits can be improved by sewing in China, but you can not put a price on the pride I feel knowing that we can survive doing things against convention.

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