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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Video Promo of Pizza Bag Video

Check out our instructional video for our heated pizza delivery bags. Each of our bags is sewn in the U.S. and are made from the finest materials on the market to guarantee long lasting durability. Every bag comes with our patented heating element.  A special pocket is sewn on each bag to keep the heater secure so it does not move around during delivery.

The heaters can easily be plugged into a wall outlet and take about 8 minutes to heat up to full temperature. Keep in mind that during delivery, your drivers do not have to do anything different. The heater will stay secure the thermal quality of the bag will keep your pizzas hot until it reaches your customer.

The 5-pie bag comes with a metal wire rack that protects the food inside as well as gives the bag shape. The 10-pie bag is different because it comes with two heaters that are placed on the sides of the bag.  This bag comes with two heaters and two cords.
If you have any questions about our heated delivery systems or if you would like to purchase your own bag, visit us at

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Temperatures Colder Inside Car than Out During Winter Months

If you’ve experienced winter weather, chances are that you’ve dealt with very cold temperatures in your car, especially, if it has been sitting outside overnight. The cold temperatures in your car can be felt as you start your morning commute to work, school, or any other activities. Although your car will eventually warm up, those first few minutes are miserable.

While doing some research about car temperatures during the winter, we found that the temperature inside of cars is generally colder than outside temperatures. This is caused from a variety of things.

Typically the air inside your car will be damper than the outside which would cause your face and hands to feel the cold more. Sitting down on cold seats can also make you feel slightly colder than you would if you were standing outside. Finally, the outside air has time to expand or even warm at night or during the day while the temperature in your car will be lagging behind.

Now let’s think about delivery employees. Most deliveries are made in the evening when outside temperatures tend to drop during winter months. Depending on the night, the employee may not be making a lot of deliveries right away, or there could be a large gap of time in between deliveries. This leaves time for the temperatures in their cars to drop and become even colder than outside temperatures. Even though the pizza may come out piping hot, these temperatures can have an effect on the quality of the pizza, possibly resulting in an unhappy customer.

Fortunately, RediHEAT’s delivery systems can keep pizzas warm using the best thermal materials as well as our patented heating element. Pizza’s will stay warm throughout the delivery time and you will never have to worry about losing a customer due to cold pizza. Visit us at to purchase your own heated delivery system to beat these frigid winter temperatures!