RediHEAT Product Information

Sunday, September 22, 2013

10 Pie Heated Delivery Bag - Its Durable, Sturdy & Keeps Your Pizzas Hot

10-Pie System

Worried about the quality of food for your large catering orders? Then this large carrier is for you. This bag is designed to hold TEN 16-inch or 18-inch pizzas.

Take the RediHeat 10 pie bag to all your ball games and catering events. It is perfect for school lunches or large catering orders. This model comes with a quality designed thermal bag, two heaters, two cords, and an internal wire rack with one shelf in the middle, 5 pies on top, 5 pies on the bottom. RediHeat 10 pie carrier offers multiple uses!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Special Offers and Updates!

Quality Thermal Bag - No Heaters
Our Insulated Delivery Bag features a strong and reliable shoulder strap for easy use when transporting your hot food.  This bag measures 16"x14"x10" High
Unique Size -- Available In Black or Red

     From  $29.95         For Info --- Click Here

5-Pie Heated Delivery Bag
Use our 5-pie carrier for all your football games and catering events. It is also perfect for school lunch programs or large catering orders orders.  All bags come with our patented heater & extension cord, and a internal metal wire frame for the added stability.
Available in Two Sizes-for 16 or 18-Inch Pizzas!!

    From $169.00