RediHEAT Product Information

Sunday, June 19, 2016

How Do I Power RediHEAT Bags?

You may have spent a lot of time viewing our website or analyzing a variety of delivery systems, but do you know what powers our system? Technical terms can easily be used but we would like to keep this as simple as possible.

All RediHEAT heaters run off normal 120V wall outlet, and for customers outside of the United States, a 240V heater that can be plugged into an ordinary wall outlet. The units can easily be plugged in directly or you can also use the appropriate power strips. No power transformers, filters, or other peripheral equipment is required. If you prefer to use power strips, RediHEAT recommends no more than 6 units on a 15 amp outlet or 8 units on a 20 amp outlet.

Are you from a country outside of the United States? You may be concerned with the plugs and voltages that may be different in your home country. RediHEAT offers plugs and appropriate voltages for countries outside of the United States on our website.

Visit  to obtain additional information about what powers our products and also how to purchase your correct power cord for on your country.